Jamie Carr


2 thoughts on “Contact

  1. Hi Jamie,
    Hope you are keeping well, I am sorry we missed your artweeks exhibition, too busy on the farm, but we would like to see and maybe try to sell some of your stuff in our farm shop, next time you are in Oxford you could come to the farm with some work, If you want.
    I also would like to take the opportunity to ask you for our Open day on Sunday July 15th.
    Would you be interested to show some work and do a bit of turning or whatever?
    If this is a possibility, please get in touch soon, and we can start advertising.

    best wishes and hope to hear from you,

    Anneke and David
    Worton Organic Garden

    • Hi Anneke
      Really good to hear from you. I would love to come to your open day but unfortunately I’m already doing a show that weekend, otherwise I would definitely come down. However I am very interested in selling some stuff in your shop. I have been working on larger bowls recently, more like salad bowls which I think could work at Worton. I did have some but sold out during Art weeks, when I’ve made some more I’ll bring some over if that’s ok.
      Look forward to seeing you soon and hope your open day goes well.

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