Art weeks update

Well what a week so far! It seems the whole population of Oxford has been through the doors at some point, absolutely crazy over the weekend. Not that I’m complaining at all:) It’s been really nice to demonstrate outside and people have been very interested to see the process as well as the finished bowls. The weather has even behaved most of the time with only the odd shower forcing me inside of shelter. Here’s a picture of me turning outside the garden studio, Oakthorpe place, no 295.

The slightly worried look was because I was turning a very hard bit of oak. I’ve never turned oak before but it when ok, lucky because it came from a special tree and I’ve been asked to make 4 bowls with the wood.


Oxford Art weeks!

This should probably go in a up and coming events page but I haven’t got one of them yet… I will be exhibiting at Oxford Art Weeks from the 12th to the 20th of May. I’ll be there from 12 till 6 so come along and actually meet me! I’ll have the lathe with me so weather permitting you should be able to watch how I turn bowls. Much better than just looking at pictures:)

The venue is number 295

The Garden Studio, Oakthorpe rd, Summertown, Oxford

Hope to see you there


Early days

Hi, if you’ve actually made it to my website you’ve either been trying very hard or you’re my family. Sorry there’s not much stuff on here yet, there should be at some point, but there’s so much other stuff to do. Rugby to watch, books to read, girls to kiss:) Oh and work to do of course…  Don’t worry there’ll be some stuff up soon.